Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Secret Pal... stalking me.

Or she's reading my mind.

That's the only possible explanation for how she put together such a perfect package for me.

This came today. First, let me say that my Secret Pal is a package stalker, just like me. She sent me an e-mail to let me know that she was watching its progress on package tracking, so I knew to look out for it. We may be sisters, separated at birth. I don't know why the package rated the "surface mail only" stickers, but they're pretty cool all by themselves.

The dogs, of course, are absolutely certain that anything that comes in a Hormel Pepperoni box is for them. Sorry, boys, but knitting is Not For Dogs.

Nope, this is All For Laura, and all good stuff. And here is where the weird part comes in....

See that yarn? It's "On line" sock yarn - which appears to be a German brand, but it's made in Turkey. The last two trips I've taken? Germany and Turkey.

There's some nice spa stuff, for hands and feet. My feet always hurt, and my hands are always dry. How perfect is this? I can't wait to pamper myself!

Then there are the kitchen goodies....a cute apron (I really need an apron), an egg separator shaped like a chicken (this was in the mail BEFORE my "I love gadgets" post), and a Paula Deen cookbook. This time last month, I don't think I'd heard of Paula Deen - most of my Food Network viewing is "Good Eats." But then I came across an article about her, and so did Aaron, and we were just talking about it last weekend. Then she had a kitchen makeover special on, where we learned she likes dogs, so she's obviously cool. So now here I am, all set to become a Paula Deen fan.

Then there's a fun little bookmark with lots of L-words (see, dogs, no M- or O- words....reading is Not For Dogs, either) and some orange tea (good for my cold, no doubt).

And while I know I said I like Chick-o-Stix on my Secret Pal questionnaire, this goes Above And Beyond the call of Secret Pal Coolness.....a bag of "Chicken Bones" from the Ada Candy Company, which seem to be a more homemade example. How incredibly neat is that? I can't report how good they are yet, because I'm going to hold off for a day or two until I can actually taste things.

So now I start guessing....everything came accompanied by a lovely little card. Did she make it herself? Is she from Oklahoma, where the candy was made, or from the South, like Paula? Is this yarn a LYS buy, or stash from overseas travel (there's not much English on the label)? The one thing I know is that she's absolutely wonderful. If she is reading my mind, I won't make a tinfoil hat - I like the results. Thank you SO much, Secret Pal!!!!

By the way, is anyone else waiting to find out how the Yarn Harlot's "Represent" event went? I'm becoming a blog stalker. Post, already!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm soooo thrilled that you liked everything!! Already making a list of ideas for the next one :-)


8:35 AM  

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