Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bow Down Low

Bow down low
Get on your kneeses
You are now on the aisle
Of the living sneezes

This means you - Achoo! - You too.

Remember the Living Sneezes from the "Puff, the Magic Dragon" cartoon? I am their queen. I have had this cold since March 2 - exactly 48 hours after Aaron returned - and while he's gone, it isn't. I'm sitting here at work feeling the cold get worse by the minute....and even dinner is too far away, much less the end of the day. The student hospital reassures me that I'm not contagious, but somehow I don't believe that. Since I'm now alone with the dogs, I can't even resort to the lots-of-Ny-Quil cure.

So of course the thing to do is to work on some seriously tricky knitting. I'm just about to start the heel on my entrelac sock. My first entrelac, and now my first short-row heel. There's nothing like trying to learn a new skill with a head full of mucus.
Either entrelac goes faster than regular knitting, or I'm completely addicted. 5 days and it's time for the heel. There's something about the little rectangles that feels like progress.

I, on the other hand, feel like Mucus Tick.



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