Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sick of Being Sick

Who manages to get a cold when it's 90 degrees out? I do! :-(

Yes, I know the weather has no effect on whether or not I'll pick up a virus, but somehow a summer cold seems so wrong.

So I'm too sick to do anything around the house, and this was supposed to be my Getting Things Done weekend. Too sick to read. Too sick to knit!

On the brighter side, I worked at Black Expo on Friday (before the cold attacked with full strength). We shared space with the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and they had a beautiful display of quilts, sort of a preview of an upcoming exhibit. Now I'm inspired! I want to get out and quilt stuff. There was one incredible quilt made from T-shirts....and I've been saving my high school T-shirt collection for YEARS, planning to do something with them. I love Black Expo. There's all sorts of neat stuff to see, and I collected four bags of loot at the health fair! Pretty cool, eh?


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