Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sock Day

I've joined a scary new sock exchange - the River Knits Sock Day Club. Eight of us have all promised to make socks for each other - not just for one person in the group, but for everybody.

This is a little bit scary. It's also somewhat cheering - after some time thinking I was getting old, I turn out to be one of the younger knitters. There's a downside - we're determining sock recipients in order of age, from the oldest to the youngest. I won't receive my socks until February 2008.

Now I'm trying to decide which socks to make. Several socks are percolating through my mind for the first recipient. Turkish socks for everyone leaps to mind, but I've already made Turkish socks for one member as part of a Secret Pal exchange.

It's also been my ambition lately to write a book of sock knitting patterns for travel. Most of the books I've seen only nod toward convenience, still requiring elaborate patterns or many colors. My idea of travel knitting is something that's easy to carry, that can be stopped and started at any time, and that doesn't require frequent referrals to a chart. So maybe what I'll do is start my collection of sock designs, and use them for the Sock Day Club. Right now I have only a couple of designs in mind, and none of them are really suitable for our first person.

Why Sock Day Club? Because each member will get to celebrate her own "Sock Day" when she collects!



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