Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fidalgo Finished!

Thanks to a weekend A&S day, and the first Knit Night I've been to in months, I finished my Fidalgo Feet socks last night. I really like the pale yellow Gems Merino yarn I used, but I'm not 100% sure it was the best choice for this project. The evergreen trees don't look much like trees - in fact, the whole sock resembles a fallout shelter sign more than anything else.

I tried to resume my Bavarian Strolling Socks, but I've discovered needle problems - specifically, that I misplaced one of my #2 Crystal Palace needles while I was working on the heel. I also can't find any other sets of #2s to start a different project. It's clearly time to look for a good needle storage system - the skinny little DPNs get lost so easily.

I'm busy on the 2nd Fluted Bannister Sock. It should be done soon, and then I'll cast on something with the leftover yarn from my Chevron Socks.

Working in a very cold air conditioned place (I HATE air conditioning!) has its advantages - I'll be able to wear my socks year-round!



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