Monday, July 03, 2006

Yarn Abstinence

I still don't have a good word for it (embargo? rationing? diet?), but I seem to be doing it rather successfully. I took no-new-yarn vows a couple of months ago, but with the following notable exceptions:

1. Yarn for Sock Club is OK.
2. Yarn for other people (notably my Secret Pal and the Sock Day Club) is OK.
3. Lorna's Laces Baltic Sea is OK.

So far I've only broken the rule once - and that was when I was surprised with a gift certificate from my Secret Pal, and promptly spent it on a nice-looking skein of Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I've learned my lesson about the interestingly- dyed yarns the hard way - it's important to buy the good stuff right away, because it it may never appear again (see exception no. 3 above).

So my latest purchase was some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Georgetown for July's sock club, and some yarn for the next round of Sock Day Club socks.

The truly amazing thing is that I stumbled across the annual sale at the Mass. Ave. Knit Shop in Indianapolis and didn't feel a strong urge to buy anything (although I did pick up the significantly-marked-down sock day yarn). I should like the Mass. Ave. shop - they have some stuff that River Knits doesn't carry, and they always have sales. But somehow I manage to avoid going nuts when I'm there. I guess that's good. I hope I don't regret the $5.50/skein Ultramerino that I didn't buy. Right now I'm still feeling proud of myself for keeping to the diet.


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