Friday, September 19, 2008

Stop me before I kill again.

Really. Someone stop me.

I've just finished my first Hat Attack 2 weapon, having started it Tuesday evening and having spent way more time knitting than I should have. This was not an easy, four-hour knitting project, even with the worsted weight yarn.

No, this was several days' worth of knitting, counting every row and stitch. Just getting gauge ate up two hours of knitting time.

The pattern is supposed to be based on the Fibonacci sequence. It's a bit hard to see, but my favorite example of the Fibonacci sequence wouldn't be a very good idea for a hat. I really liked the look of the Fibonacci stripes on the last death hat - this one is a little busier, and makes me glad I chose subdued colors.

The payoff is a nifty-looking hat, but it's not one I get to keep. I mailed it off this morning to kill PrincessSierra, so she should be dead at the beginning of next week.

But there's a good chance I'll be dead tomorrow. I half expected my death hat to arrive today, but the mail has come and it hasn't. Since I'll be out of town tomorrow, I get to stay alive at least another 24 hours.

I'll have a nice hat, though. This should fit well, and be lightweight. Therapi is a lovely, albeit expensive, and I'm already looking for my next excuse to use it. Versatility would be too expensive and difficult to finesse, I think, but wouldn't it be glorious?

I think I'm lucky that my LYS doesn't have any Therapi for now. For now I'll return to my regularly scheduled UFOs.


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