Friday, September 12, 2008

Speaking of Goodies...

I had a surprise package in the mail today!

It's a final bit from the HSKS5 swap - a prize for winning the first two Quidditch matches. Is there anything nicer than getting goodies you didn't expect in the mail?

Courtesy of Wisteria Lovegoods, there's a set of stitch markers, a clever little row-counting bracelet, and a tube of Floo Powder candy. I have to put the note and the envelope in too, because it's so nicely done - and isn't the spider sticker cool? Thank you so much, Wisteria!

The row counter is about to go to very good use - I just bought yarn for a new project. I'm going to make Zero the Ghost Dog, with a long enough body that he can masquerade as a scarf when he travels around with me. It's the first crochet project I've done in a long time. I hope I'll have it done in time for Halloween, but it's nice to know that Zero will fit in at Christmastime, too.


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