Monday, December 03, 2007

November December it's all over

I really shouldn't have tried to knit today. After Michelle's sockday party I began to feel pain in both wrists - pain that spread up both arms until it felt like I'd been laying bricks for two days.

Of course I hadn't - but apparently knitting for two days straight is as bad an idea as letting me build a brick wall would be. I spent last night too sore to knit - too sore to write - too sore to even wrestle with the child-proof bottle of ibuprofen (doesn't that seem like a cruel joke?), but I worked through the pain for that one.

This does not mean that I developed any sense about pacing my knitting, especially when lured by the prospect of a second finished object in as many days. So I finished my second Hurricane Sock, which had been languishing for days with a nearly-finished toe. Just a few rows later, I have a new pair of socks!

They're a little overdue. I misremembered the Hurricane poem, so I thought the sock-knitting season wouldn't be "all over" until November. Even then, I missed my erroneously-set deadline by a few days, so neither Hurricane Noel nor the "I thought we were talking about Barbados" excuse could have my socks finished on time. And my slowness is even more pathetic than it sounds, because I only had to make one sock - the other one was completed long before the Hurricane Season Kickoff by my fabulous Hurricane Sock Party pal, Darlene.

But now there are two socks - socks which had their only on-the-road adventure in Talladega, but which kept me good, solid company in many 10-minute increments before classes. They'll make their debut on Wednesday, so the classmates who've watched them progress all semester can see the finished product before we all go home for Christmas.

And speaking of sock adventures, the socks and I have a new hero: Tracy, who, at the risk of being hauled off by the Secret Service, got Barack Obama to hold her sock. And she got the Yarn Harlot to write about it. The bar has been set, folks - now I'm hoping for a chance to get President Obama to hold my socks!



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