Sunday, September 23, 2007

It must be March.

Because I've just finished the January/February Sock Club socks. This is the third pair of Fascine Braid socks I've made, and even though the first pair were my first normal socks ever, these have taken much longer than the others. These are made from Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn in the Alpine colorway. They're also the first set of socks I've done on two circular needles - thanks to a gift from Debbie, who was my River Knits Secret Pal last year. I'm not sure if the two-circular method is really faster for me (especially since it took me eight months to finish the socks), but it's nice to worry less about dropping needles and stitches when traveling.

Especially since these socks have done a lot of traveling. They've visited Niagra Falls, and traveled to Chicago for Camp Obama. They've literally been to Hell and back. They checked out the Vince Lombardi trophy, and saw a total lunar eclipse. And they've been very patient socks - the first one was finished back in April, but only now does it have a mate.

One finished pair of socks means time to work on another, right? I'm trying to avoid casting on anything new until a few more projects are off the needles, but there's still plenty to do. I went for something appropriately historical yesterday, and made nice progress on my naalbound sock. It's really beginning to look like a sock.

And I'm concerned that I haven't shared enough pictures of my lovely new spindle, so do enjoy this one. Notice how the sunlight gleams off the wood. Notice, too, the fun varigated color of the wool...and think about what I might do with an ounce's worth of yarn. Handspun yarn definitely does not count against any sort of yarn diet. Which means I may be doing a lot of spinning in the near future.


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