Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tagged Out

Our box finished the race! POST knITS came in 7th (out of 20 U.S. teams), so we won't win any of Emily's fabulous team prizes, but we all wound up with nice dish rags. Emily's added a "Hard Luck Story" competition, and mine's already been submitted. I hope to win - both for the prize, and that no one else will have worse knitting luck.

It turns out that the "Knitting in Public" prize can be won with any dish rag picture - not just the one for the contest. So I may have to work on that one.

I've been working on other dish rags, too. This is the first of a set that will go off to Linda Hendrickson in exchange for some of her beautiful Ply-Split Braiding patterns. It would be faster, I'm sure, to buy them, but there's something fun about bartering with another artist. And it's definitely good to know that my knitting will go someplace where it's wanted and appreciated.


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