Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Productive Weekend

Finally, I have some finished projects to report:

Heather's second sock is FINISHED, just over three weeks late. I know they've already been designated her Christmas Season kickoff socks, scheduled to debut the day after Thanksgiving, so I hope the delay hasn't made her worry too much. And here are both sides of the finished sock - I hope it matches the first, which is still with Heather!

I love making Turkish socks. The first socks I ever learned to knit were Eastern-style, toe-up socks. I didn't get around to doing a proper sock until much later. I tried to start a regular sock, long ago, but got bored pretty quickly with the 6 inches of ribbing for the cuff. With Turkish socks, you start with the most fiddly bit at the toe, and then the sock gets bigger fast. So by the time you start to get bored, there are several inches of inspiring progress! You can also try on the sock as you go, so it's easy to make sure they fit.

Now it's time to start designing Michelle's sock. I know which yarn I'm going to use, but I need to come up with a pattern. After that, I'll be looking forward to my sockday!

I also finished my set of three dishcloths. The first is the standard diagonally-knitted dishcloth, the second is the waffle pattern from this baby blanket, and the third is the Annie washcloth. All are made from Sugar-n-Cream yarn, or something similar. Tomorrow they'll be mailed off to trade for more ply-split braiding instructions, and then I'll have a new (and, I hope, stash-reducing) fiber hobby.

So now I get a break from obligation knitting for awhile. I've already cast on the second Monkey!


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