Thursday, April 12, 2007


Look at this! It's a sock! A complete sock! A sock that, yesterday, looked like this. A whole sock, finished in a day. Ok, so it's a sock for a child - it's still pretty good time, I think. I guess the prospect of Sam in pink is really motivating. I wonder what it would take to get her to knit pink socks?

In other news, the dogs had an interview visit at Camp Bow Wow today. I'm trying to find a place to board them for my next trip to Germany, and this looks really attractive. Not only is it right by the airport, but the dogs spend the entire day playing with each other, so it's a vacation for them, too. AND they're tired when they come home - which means they're good.

Because the dogs interact, they have to be interviewed before they can stay. I spent the day worrying that I'd get a "come get your bad dogs" telephone call. But they passed the interview, and received a report card telling me they "play well with others," are "assertive," and enjoyed "romping with other campers." The camp even gave me an interview-passed certificate with pictures of them at the camp. The really nice thing is that Camp Bow Wow is all-inclusive. So many boarding kennels look cheaper, but then nickle-and-dime you with charges for every treat, playtime, and potty walk. This is more like a doggy Club Med. So I've made my reservation, and soon they'll enjoy a vacation of their own.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We leave our fur-kids at a place like that...we and they love it! The boys will have a good time!


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