Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gray & Pink

It's an icky day. It's cold, and rainy, and started much too early. We're supposed to get an inch and a half of rain today, and be 20 degrees below our normal high. This is not good news. The only thing that makes this morning look nice is the expected thunderstorms, and the possibility of snow for tomorrow.

It's definitely not the sort of day when you want to go out and do anything. The poor dogs try to go out to play, and come back in soaked. I come back soaked, too. My feet are cold even through my nice warm Tiptoe socks.

I offer Max's picture here, because he's better at looking glum than anyone else. This is what he looks like when he's just been fed and played with.

A nasty gray rainy day, at home, after being up too late, cooped up with two rowdy bad dogs. What's a girl to do?

Cast on new socks, of course! These socks are made from some of my Fancy Image Yarn of the Month. These are socks with a purpose...socks that will accomplish a good thing and an amusing thing.

The good thing is that these are a contribution to River Knits' charity knits program. They'll be donated to Children in Common, an organization which provides handknit items to Russian orphanages.

The amusing thing is that these socks will get us one step closer to the Sock Club's Sam in Pink appearance. Sam hates pink. Really hates pink. But she's agreed to wear a pink "Boot Camp for Socks" t-shirt in public if everyone in the Sockday club donates a pair of socks to Children in Common. So I'm just doing my part to bring a little more pink into the world...which may be an antidote to this icky day.

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