Saturday, March 31, 2007


This is a very exciting day for the dogs. Max and Oscar got to stay alone, together, while I ran errands today. I've been confining Oscar to the bathroom - the "Oscar house," we call it - ever since he came to live with us. But since the whole point of getting a second dog is to entertain the first dog, I knew the time for increased doggie freedom had to come eventually.

It was, I think, a success. My living room is clean for the first time since I moved in - a legacy of the Barack Obama party - so there wasn't much for Oscar to mess up. I left two dogs, and came home to two dogs. So far, so good.

My party was small, but successful. It turns out that Democrats don't eat - or at least nobody eats at a 3:30 party, so I have way more junk food than I need. I may look for other parties to crash so I can get rid of leftovers.

I started the Braided Rice Socks at Sock Club today, so the Works in Progress list just got a little bit longer. I'm quickly falling in love with the Gems yarn...although it's pretty fine stuff, so socks take a long time. Tomorrow, I'll probably start Elizabeth's socks - then it's NO NEW PROJECTS for awhile until I can make progress on the ones I have. We'll see how long that lasts.



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