Tuesday, April 03, 2007


is not one of my strongest character traits. I'm trying to finish things. I'm trying to cut down on the number of socks in progress. I'm trying to get Elizabeth's socks ready for her sockday, and get caught up on sock club. I was sure I wasn't going to cast on any new projects.

Then I realized that Elizabeth's socks will use yarn that I'd also planned on using for my Mosaic Garter socks. The whole point of colorful socks is to use lots of yarn bits, but I still want co-ordinating, even matching, socks. I have many plans for socks which will use each others' leftover yarn, creating a giant interdependent sock collection in progress.

So I was really left with no choice, but to drag out nearly every single color of Falk yarn I own...

and to cast on another sock.

Don't worry, Elizabeth, this is not your sock.

are your socks.



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