Thursday, May 04, 2006

Finally Finals!

Not much new knitting yet, but I'm sure it will be soon. Finals week is here - I turned in my last paper yesterday, and dumped off most of the books today.

One exam tomorrow - so I'm actually studying, rather than getting any reading done. Still, the Fluted Bannister Socks are coming along nicely. The Lorna's Laces Rainbow is developing a really neat pattern in the gusset and foot - quite a contrast to the regular striping of the leg. I'll have to post a picture soon.

We're starting to get ready for the summer - cleaning up BF's apartment after he graciously hosted a bunch of my undergraduates for a party last weekend, and cleaning up my apartment, just because.

Next week I'll be working 8-hour days at the library, and with NO SCHOOLWORK to worry about I'll hope that I can get a lot of knitting done.


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