Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Sock Break

I spent the past two days not knitting socks. I don't think I put one single stitch in a sock. It's an unusual break.

Instead, I picked up embroidery. 14th-century German embroidery, to be more specific: I'm copying this.

It's easy to get these nifty embroidery patterns, thanks to the work of Timothy J. Mitchell, known in the SCA as Master Richard Wymarc. He has lots of great patterns and photographs on his website, here.

I started this because I didn't want to be knitting rainbow-colored socks at an event. I feel really good about it, because one person said to me that what he loved about the SCA was seeing all the historical stuff people did off the battlefield - so I'm really glad I made the effort to bring something appropriate!



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