Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Too Many Deadlines

According to the Secret Pal 8 rules, I'm supposed to post to this fairly regularly - which should be a good alternative to getting actual work done.

The past week or so hasn't been too good for knitting, with THREE papers due on the same day. I realize reviewing drafts is an important part of the writing process, but it really does cut in to my procrastinating lifestyle. At least one is really done, one is easy (a mock syllabus), and the third is fun - I'm studying Lafayette's Jewish community, so there are all sorts of fun stories out there. I'll probably have to make a research trip to the cemetery soon - I'll feel like I'm visiting old friends.

On the craft front, I need to get busy and make something to donate for my friend Karen's "Silvija the Landlady Memorial Scholarship Auction," to be held at this weekend's SCA event. Silvija was a professor at Purdue, and a dear friend, who moved away some years ago to Florida State Universtity. She died very suddenly in 1999. I still miss her. FSU opened a scholarship fund in her name, so every year we have an auction of neat SCA stuff to raise money for the endowment - some years have done really well.

Once that's done, I'll be finishing my Secret Pal Socks, and probably spend Saturday working on the tiny knitted reliquary bag that I've been carrying around as an event project for years.



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