Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Finishing Projects

No pictures yet, but last week I finished the Chevron Socks for my River Knits Sock Pal. Now I can go back to the 5 other pairs of socks-in-progress.

I also finished the projects for the charity auction. What a waste of time. My 2-pouch set (completed so last-minute that I didn't have time to take pictures before I gave it away) raised just $5.00. It's kind of strange that remainder-table books will sell for more than the cover price, but this didn't even cover the cost of what I bought (and I pulled a lot of materials from my stash)! I'm trying very hard not to be too bitter and disappointed, but I really do think my hard work could have raised more. I'll definitely rethink any further contributions.

Finishing socks is on hold right now, as I try to make a pair of Icelandic "Building Blocks" slippers (from Socks Socks Socks) as a get-well gift for my sister-in-law. Hope to have those done - and pictures posted - tonight or tomorrow.

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