Sunday, April 02, 2006

Even More Socks

I'm nearly finished with my first "Fidalgo Feet" sock for this month's River Knits sock club. The Fidalgo Foot is a lovely sock, although since I've made it in pale yellow Gems I'm not sure the design is recognizable as pine trees.

I must have abnormally short feet, or else I knit very loosely. I moved the pine tree on the top of the foot up half an inch, and I'm knitting on size 0 instead of size 1 needles, and I still have the tree touching my toes, which means it won't show up very well under my Birkenstocks.

I'll add here that I absolutely love my Crystal Palace needles! It's so nice to have skinny wooden needles that don't feel like they're getting ready to break with every stitch. I'll never buy Brittanys again - unless I can't wait any longer for River Knits to restock!


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