Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sweaters in Progress

It's been years since I've knitted sweaters, and I've never knitted a really nice one. Now that I've finally outgrown acrylic yarn, I'm ready to try sweaters I'll actually wear - and they're already in progress.

The first one is the Belle Epoque sweater from knitty, in a dark blue Silky Wool. I bought the yarn on a whim, because it was on sale and too cheap to pass up. After thinking about designing the Perfect Sweater for it, I decided the Belle epoque pattern was close enough to perfect for now.

Sweater two has yet to be cast on, because I'm assembling the yarn. I'm mutating knitty's "Cathode" to use Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. I've crossed Cathode with the "Poiret Sweater" pattern from Sculptured Knits, so it will have the patterned stitches from the Poiret, but be fitted and short-sleeved like Cathode. I'll use the Poiret collar, just because I hate anything that even vaguely resembles a turtleneck.

So now I just need to get down to River Knits to pick up the rest of my yarn, and then I'll be ready to go!



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