Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fall Favorites

Princess Knits is doing a contest asking for fall favorites - I'm all for having a a chance to think about good things about colder weather! So here goes:

1. Favorite fall book to read
The Mammoth Hunters, by Jean Auel. Most of the action takes place over the winter, so it's a good one to read in a cozy home.

2. Favorite fall soup to eat
Senate Bean Soup, but I buy mine in a can

3. Favorite fall stew to eat
My boyfriend's beef-and-wine stew

4. Favorite healthy muffin recipe
Sparkling Cranberry Muffins are definitely my favorite, but I don't know how healthy they are.

5. Favorite fall tree

6. Favorite fall knit
Socks that I'm wearing, and Christmas presents that I'm making


Blogger tiffany said...

I love Bean Soup and Cranberry Muffins so I can't wait to try out these recipes! I gotcha down for 6 entries - thanks for playing and good luck!

9:45 PM  

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